Workers Compensation Administration - HRA Group PEO
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Workers Compensation Administration

Workmans’ Compensation Solutions That Dramatically Lower Cost and Eliminate Work

PEO Solutions for More Affordable Workmans’ Comp

As part of your PEO human resource Management we manage all of your workman’s compensation filings, mandatory postings, audits and claims. Take advantage of dramatically lower workers comp premiums and complete loss control management with experienced professionals in tuned with the latest Government mandates and regulations.

As a fully licensed and Michigan PEO, HR Alliance offers full service and hassle free workmans’ comp solutions for your business with affordable and time-saving POE services that include:

  • All Your Workers’ Comp Claims Handing and Return Filing
  • Rerating Your Employee Rates to Much Lower Rates
  • Regular On-Site Visits to Guarantee Compliance with All Government Regulations
  • First Dollar Coverage
  • Lower Workers Comp Deductibles and Retrospective Coverages
  • Ending Your Year-End Workers Comp Audits a4nd Other Deadlines

As a local Michigan based PEO (Professional Employer Organization) we partner with companies like yours to offer full service HR outsourcing that reduces your company’s workers’ compensation costs. As a separate item, or part of an overall HR package, our services minimize or eliminate you work and save your thousands of dollars every year. In addition, our key relationships with Michigan worker’s compensation insurance providers guarantees you the lowest possible premiums with the best coverage.

An Experienced and Trusted PEO for Workers’ Compensation Insurance That Handles Your Claims

You can always count of our extensive knowledge of worker’s comp law ensures that all key dates and deadlines are appropriately addressed throughout the course of a claim. We also will enforce all Michigan return-to-work policies to hold employees accountable and guarantee you reduced claims. Even better, our PEO for Workers’ Compensation Insurance provides you these ongoing benefits wo you can focus on running your company with far less hassles that include:

  • Up-To-Date Workers’ Comp Loss Control Programs and safety precautions to prevent accidents to your employees and minimize injury
  • Employees able to perform restricted work are placed with inactive jobs to reduce the expense of a claim
  • We Handle Your Mandatory Postings and OSHA Log Management
  • Facilitate all necessary Safety Precautions and Evaluate Your Safety Manuals for accuracy and compliance
  • Any Dubious Workers’ Comp Claims and Fraudulent Claims Are Verified and Contested

We have a team of auditors that are current of all state and federal regulations with experience that guarantees compliance and saves you money. reduced and no premium deposit programs – pay as you go – pay a smaller insurance premium payments – no large deposits and smaller payments

Our extensive network of medical professionals ensures that conditions/injuries are correctly diagnosed, treated, and documented

The Right Choice for Your Workers’ Compensation Outsourcing with Over 12 Years’ Experience